How to clean a laptop cooling fan in every possible way?

Are you worried about your laptop cooling pads and want to replace an older one with a new one? Are you a student or new in your field and want to purchase the best laptop with superb cooling pads? If the answer to all of the above statements is yes then I will say that you should cheer up because you have come to a righteous place.

As here you will get a chance to clear your doubt and everything will unfold on you after reading this informative article. In addition, as you know that there is a heap of different laptops models available on the market that has been manufactured in a fine way. But you don’t know who its thermal system will operate later, though you never have to worry about these things because in this writing every factor has been discussed here that determines whether a laptop delivers a fantastic cooling pad.

Nonetheless, you also learned here how to improve your existing laptop cooling pads. Though, without wasting more time on this introduction, start your reading but first indulge yourself with it and pay full attention so that you could explore more knowledge.

Give the answers to the following questions:-

Is it crucial for users to clean your laptop fan?

Of course! Cleaning fans of laptops is mandatory because in this way you can prevent your laptop from overheating. Meanwhile, basically due to three basic reasons users have to clean their laptop fans which are following:-

  • If your laptop starts to heat up it will slow the performance of the laptop.
  • In addition, you can put a stop to the battery power of your notebook.
  • Furthermore, as you know very well overheating can affect your hardware. While in this case you have to spend your note purse on it therefore try to clean your laptop fans before this blunder happens.

What are the reasons that give rise to heating in your notebook?

As heat is produced in the repercussion of the processor that is provided by your laptops central processing unit along with electrical base components and circuits while it’s conventional. However, every laptop has been designed in such a way that heat will be eliminated easily from it and help to avoid all of these damages which are created due to overheating. Nonetheless, the place where you are setting or your computer placed must be in a clean environment because dust particles also become the reason your fans are unclean and it can affect your laptop performance. Meanwhile, with the use of CCleaner you can clean your laptop or computer junk files up to 34 GB in a year from its hard drive.

Does it have carried out advantages and disadvantages of laptop cooler pads?    

The answer to this question is absolutely yes! Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, similarly cooler pads have their pros and cons which have been mentioned here.


  • It has come up to save the laptop from overheating.
  • You will see the lavish interior appearance of a laptop.
  • It has come up to deliver and enhance the audience relief with respect to neck and wrists.


  • Its price is high so users have to corrupt their note purse.
  • The weight of the laptop has become heavier, that is why it does not come up with a portability factor.

How can you avert overheating from your laptop?

The answer to this statement is that you have to keep your laptop clean so that dirt and dust never enter its internal parts or components. Furthermore, you can make use of lint free clothes, a soft piece of fiber cloth, cotton buds, or brushes to clean your laptop. Meanwhile, many other ways have been considered for it which I will explain in this article with detail.

How many ways are available to clean your laptop fans?

Though laptop fans cleaning is a major and crucial factor for every computer or laptop user that is why it’s become necessary to lighten this matter so that the audience will seek guidance  and try to uplift their precaution measurement. Meanwhile, they can prevent their notebook from any serious and big loss.  In addition, there are two basic ways through which you can perform this task such as:-

  • Cleaning of laptop fans with the help of Compressed Air
  • Cleaning of laptop fans without the use of Compressed Air

Cleaning of laptop fans with the help of Compressed Air:- 

In this case you have to purchase cans that are filled with compressed Air. Though, this compressed air consisting of fans are available on market or you also can place your order at reliable online ecommerce websites. Meanwhile, you can put an end to dust from the innermost and outermost part of your laptop by using this Compressed Air can. Furthermore, do not try to open the inner components of a laptop to clean it by compressed Air if you are not familiar with internal systems like hardware and other parts.

The reason behind this is that you can damage anything. That is why you go to clean the upper part of your notebook with compressed air. Moreover, those who have awareness of the internal laptop part should clean its fan with compressed air. In addition, you should be careful during its cleanliness and do not attempt to move its fans fastly because it can be destructive. Nonetheless, it will perform amazingly and also become cool and sharp after dust cleaning.

Cleaning of laptop fans without the use of Compressed Air

Whenever you plan to clean your laptop, fans without the use of Compressed Air must remove all the electric connection from your notebook and turn off the device. Additionally, you should manage three basic things that will be used for cleaning which are following such as soft fiber cloth, brush, or lint free cloth because these materials never mar the surface of the laptop.

Meanwhile, you must require a screwdriver while never forgetting to check the sizes of screws which exist in your notebook. As well you should have a Static free mat that is used to save all the electrical connection and circuit of your laptop from any type of electrostatic charges. However, it is a marvelous technique to save every one’s life from the current but that’s not mandatory to purchase a Static free mat.

Things to consider before choosing a laptop regarding its cooling system:-

As everyone know that fans quality matters a lot that is why cooling system has been preferred by the audience. Meanwhile, there are important factors has been discussing with all of you so that anyone never have to face issues and problems later. Nonetheless, I will suggest that you must give values to these following attributes that build an extraordinary cooling system when you will go to shop it.

Cooling capacity:-

When we come up on Cooling capacity normally you have to receive a superb Cooling pads system in which one and five fans are included. Meanwhile, I have been suggested to you to go and shop for more than three fans.

Fan speed:-

The Excellency in its fan speed has been determined by the brand and model of cooling system. In addition, the airflow of fans must be higher and marvelous because RPMs depend on it. Nonetheless, you will have to know that an influential cooling pads range reaches up to 1000 RPM.

Variable speeds:-

It is clear from the upper point that the seed of your laptop fans depend on incredibly higher quality cooling pads. Furthermore, I want to say that you must be careful while choosing cooling pads on the market along with one more trait which is speed control and it must be operated automatically.


As it is obvious that size is terrific in every sector therefore when you make your mind or decide to have a cooling pad you must check if it should be fixed or has to be fit on a laptop.


Noisy fans have been considered inappropriate and a fault in computers or laptops because it directly affects the performance of your notebook. So, always select healthy cooling pads in this case you will never hear any unpleasant noise from your laptop.

Adjustable position:-

The position of cooling pads is a headache for every manufacturer but the majority of the audience has been very concerned about it. That is why the cooling pads have been placed at that point where no one has to bear pain and they will never have to bother it.


How many types of cooling pads are available in the market?

There is a stack of cooling pads available for your laptop on the market. Meanwhile, all of these are magnificent and efficient while the reason behind this is that they perform fantastically. In addition, I am sure that you will never feel disappointed to have and use these cooling pads so now it is the time to reveal their name.

  • Laptop Coolers
  • Laptop Cooling Pads for Gamers
  • Simple Laptop Cooling Pads
  • Laptop Cooling Pads with an included laptop stand

How do I stop my laptop fan from running all the time?

Your laptop turns out to be overheated if its fans are in the state of motion over round the clock then you must clean your laptop fans as soon as possible. Meanwhile, it has been suggested to you that you keep your laptop or computer at a cool place. Furthermore, immediately you have to close all the running heavy programs which are eating up extra resources.

How do I know when to use a cooling pad?

With the passage of time you will notice that your laptop has started to be overheated while at its starting period it performs amazingly. In addition, it will start to affect your laptop performance and device gets heat under load such as gamers have to face these thermal issues. However, at that time you need to use cooling pads to maintain the Excellency of your notebooks fans.

Why is my laptop fan so loud?

You must have to understand that dust is obnoxious and harmful for your laptop therefore always keeps fans clean and the space from where heat eliminates. Moreover, always choose a cool and airy room to place your notebook. Over and above that close all inessential programs so in this way you can prevent your laptop from overheating.

How do I turn on my laptop fan on Windows 10?

There are numerous ways to boost your laptop fans’ quality on Windows 10. First of all you should administrate your laptops fans via the BIOS system. After that make a choice of fan type and then go to select temperature along with its mode. Nonetheless, there is another option which is called a third party program such as Speed fan.

What are the mistakes to avoid when buying a cooling pad?

You should be more careful when buying a cooling pad because after purchasing it can’t be exchanged. That is why when you go to a shop; the cooling pad gives priority to the marvelous model and stunning build up quality material like metal or aluminum. Meanwhile, keep in mind that your cooling pads must be fit in your laptop. Furthermore, check and give importance to the design of laptop cooling pads.


Now it’s time to wind up this fantastic article and give my final take away words. However, as here each and every factor that is mandatory and must be cleared has been demonstrated in a remarkable way. Meanwhile, I hope now you are able to upgrade your cooling pads without facing any hurdles. That is why you have to share this information with those who are still stuck with their laptop heating and the noise of its fans so that they can improve it.